The Blake Brier Series: Books 1-5 Special Bundle Offer

Book 1:

Two worlds. One man.
And a truth that could shatter everything.
Caught between the crosshairs of his past and the unknown, Blake Brier must make a stand.
And the clock is ticking...

The adrenaline-fueled debut in the Blake Brier series, from Wall Street Journal bestselling author L.T. Ryan and former detective Gregory Scott.

When a gruesome crime cries out for justice, the FBI stands on the precipice of an intricate web of deceit. Pulled from the safety of his self-imposed exile, Blake Brier - once a CIA Spec Ops and a tech genius - is thrust back into the chaos he thought he left behind.

Plunging deeper into the machinations of a hacktivist group morphed into a terrorist organization, Blake finds his world unraveling. But the stakes transcend the professional when the fight turns personal. Now, he's in a race against time, battling ghosts from his past, determined to unmask the truth.

Book 2:

The second book in the explosive & gripping Blake Brier thriller series.

A secret project has run its course, and its primary subject must now be terminated.

When Blake Brier crosses paths with Haeli Becher while on a relaxing weekend in Las Vegas, he finds himself in the middle of a life-and-death struggle as the mysterious woman confronts the secret organization who built her up...
...and now plans on tearing her down.

Her attackers will stop at nothing to terminate her.
Brier and his team will risk everything to save her.

Even if it costs them their lives.


Book 3:

When an old friend calls in a favor, Blake Brier has no choice but to accept.

A runaway in over her head proves not what she seems. Brier must navigate 
UNCHARTED waters if he's to bring her back alive.

The latest installment from USA Today bestselling author L.T. Ryan & former Detective Gregory Scott, Blake Brier returns in the thrilling sequel to Unleashed.

"A FIVE STAR story that grabs you immediately and you do not breathe until the book ends."

When Blake Brier gets a call from FBI Special Agent Andrew Harrison asking for help, he's obligated to assist. Looking out for a family member in need whose daughter has run away, Harrison asks Brier if he can use his unofficial channels and unorthodox approach to bring this to resolution.

Brier agrees, but after arriving quickly finds there's a lot more going on in the sleepy New England town. If he's not careful, he might end up among the missing.

Lives hang in the balance as Brier's investigation guides him into uncharted territory. And if he's not careful, he may never find his way back.

Uncharted pits Brier against a deadly adversary unlike any other he's faced.

Book 4:

If you're going to take aim at Blake Brier, you better not miss.

Returning to Rhode Island, Blake finds a Dear John letter and his house empty. Haeli is gone. Is it history repeating itself? Or is this something different?

A search for answers about a past operation has come back to haunt her. Haeli finds she's in for more than she bargained for. Her past is on a collision course with her future. Will Blake be collateral damage?

Caught in the crosshairs, Blake is forced into action. A heart-pounding race-against-all-odds thriller awaits.

"You'll hold your breath until the very last page."

Book 5:

Hope is the last thing ever lost...

New from from Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author L.T. Ryan & Gregory Scott! Blake Brier returns in Contrail!

After an unexpected turn of events puts the teams’ plans on hold, Blake is consumed by one objective: bringing Haeli home.

But when two worlds collide, Blake finds himself fighting for a cause bigger than himself while an innocent life hangs in the balance.

How far will Blake go to set things right? And at what cost?

One thing is for sure.. when the dust settles, nothing will be the same.

“A wonderfully engaging and wild ride!”

Three gripping thrillers. One bundle. Cheaper than Amazon.

"If you like David Baldacci, Lee Child & James Patterson, you're gonna love Jack Noble!"

My wife says I'm crazy to offer these books at half the price Amazon sells them. But after ten years & millions of Jack Noble thrillers sold, I wanted to do something special for new readers. So I created this special Paperback bundle offer.


What's included in the boxset?

The one that started it all... over 10,000 Amazon reviews

The CIA created him.
He sacrificed everything for his country.
Now the Agency will stop at nothing to terminate him.

With the world focused on Afghanistan, Jack Noble finds himself on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq. A Marine in name only, Jack is on-loan to the CIA. Normally an integral part of the team, he finds that he is nothing more than a security detail in Iraq.

Jack and his partner Bear Logan have a run-in with four CIA special agents over the treatment of an Iraqi family. Within hours Jack and Bear are detained.

All Jack wanted was to finish his enlistment and move on with his life. All he did was intervene and save a family from unwarranted violence at the hands of four CIA agents. But he soon discovers that he did far more than intervene...

Noble has placed himself dead square in the middle of a conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Jack Noble has 37 to stop a madman hell bent on tearing him down.

Jack is back in the second page-turning novel in the USA Today bestselling Jack Noble Thriller Series by Wall Street Journal bestselling author L.T. Ryan.

Washington, D.C. Midday. A man waits at a bus stop, his intentions unknown. Two government operatives have been stalking him for days, waiting for him to make his move. Unexpectedly, the man takes off running and heads for a deserted warehouse.

Jack Noble and his partner, Frank Skinner, believe the man to be part of a terrorist organization that is involved in smuggling drugs and guns and men into the country. But it turns out their plan involves far more export than import, and hits a lot closer to home.

As the case unfolds, the man behind it all reaches out to Jack with a simple message... 37 hours.

he addictive USA Today bestselling thriller series is back as Wall Street Journal bestseller L.T. Ryan's former government assassin Jack Noble races from New York, to Paris, to Washington D.C. on the trail of a rogue agent marked for termination.

When friends can no longer be trusted, and enemies must be, Noble is forced to make a decision that will compromise his integrity, his conscience, and his life.

Noble faces a simple choice. Right or wrong. Life or death. It's a thin line.

What side of that line is Jack Noble on?

Fans of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, Lee Child's Jack Reacher, Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, and Robert Ludlum's Jason Bourne will enjoy this Jack Noble suspense thriller.

So what's this going to cost?

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What readers are saying about Jack Noble


I enjoy the Jack Noble character as much as Mitch Rapp, Scott Horvath, or Jack Ryan.

"L.T. Ryan’s character of Jack Noble compares to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, Kyle Mills’ Vince Flynn character Mitch Rapp, and my personal favorite Mark Greaney’s Gray Man series. Don’t wait. . . start this series now!"- Drema Malloy (Amazon)

"Regarding the character himself, Jack Noble, it is evident early on that he has several James Bond-ish traits. Unafraid for the most part, and with a sense of humor, he charges ahead in the plot with a zeal for doing "what is right".I'm hooked, and will read all the rest of the series."- SilverGhost (Amazon)


Will you take a chance on Jack Noble?

Here's what you're getting:

* Noble Beginnings (Jack Noble Book 1), regular price $19.99

* A Deadly Distance (Jack Noble Book 2), regular price $19.99

* Thin Line (Jack Noble Book 3), regular price $21.99

* Hours of fast-paced, non-stop action and thrills!

Retail: $61.97
Sale: $49.99
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Just $29.99 + free shipping in the USA!!

Who is L.T. Ryan?

Hi, I'm Lee, also known as L.T. Ryan. Nearly twenty years ago while driving through Greenbank, West Virginia -- an area where no cellular signal existed because of a radio observatory -- I had an idea about a secret government training facility that created soldiers of the future. Over time, this idea morphed into Jack Noble. Ten years ago, I first put pen to paper, or, rather, fingers to keyboard, and brought this character to life. I never could have imagined what would come next...

Thirteen books, a prequel, five spinoffs, and more on the way. Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author status. And new series many new series.

It never would have happened without the readers. People like you, who took a chance on an unknown author and character who just happens to latch onto you and never lets you go.

Join me on this journey. Take a chance on Jack Noble.

If you like Reacher, Rapp, and Bourne... If you enjoy Baldacci, Ludlum, and Clancy...

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