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Patient Zero Signed By Author

An experiment gone wrong...
Elite forces have vanished...
Now to stop the spread,
Sean Ryder must die.

When the entire 3rd Ranger Battalion, Bravo Company vanishes in Southern Nigeria, Air Force Pararescueman Sean Ryder joins SEAL Team 8 in a rescue and recover effort. From the moment he sets foot in country, he senses things aren't as they appear.

They soon discover the situation is far more dire than expected. A top-secret experiment has gone horribly wrong. A virus has claimed hundreds, and threatens to wipe out the region. And possibly all humanity.

Sean and SEAL Team Leader Turk must navigate the perilous underground facility to stop the outbreak before it starts. And the deeper they delve, they realize there might be no getting out alive.

Affliction Z: Patient Zero is the first book in a chilling post-apocalyptic survival thriller series.

Readers who enjoy Max Brooks, Jonathon Maberry, Jack Hunt, T.W. Piperbrook and Robert Kirman will love USA Today bestselling author L.T. Ryan's Affliction Z series.

What readers are saying about this apocalyptic survival story...

"If you want to read a well written white-knuckled post-apocalyptic survival thriller with more twists than Lombard Street in San Francisco, this is the book for you..."

"Not your ordinary zombie story..."

"I will say this... the descriptive language and the ability of Ryan to immerse you into a character's universe is a gift that had me rounding each corner with them and had my heart racing through every dark corridor..."

"What a great survival thriller! With the descriptions and details, this was an amazing tale of the beginnings of a zombie apocalypse..."

"I'm at a loss for words, not to mention my eyes are burning from forcing them open to finish this. Excellent story and the characters are well thought out. L.T. Ryan brought to life (or undead existence if you prefer) a non-stop ride for any lover of zombie books..."

"I felt each death keenly and was breathless by the time I got to the last word..."

"I love this survival series of ebooks! My girlfriend started reading them, and then I wound up buying them so there we were laying in bed, both of us reading the same ebooks..."

"A good story line, interesting characters and pretty decent writing make for a good EOTWAWKI yarn..."

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